Business Areas

Creative Technology

Business Introduction

Tellhow Creative Technology Group under Tellhow Group is a strategic emerging industry group company dedicated to the development of the creative technology (VR) industry. Its original products mainly involve content creation and production of VR, movie and TV cartoon, mobile animation and digital media. In 2017, the company defined a development strategy highlighting VR. It seeks to bring together talents based on education and foster enterprises in appropriate parks to create a platform for industry cluster and talent cultivation and facilitate the development of the creative technology industry.

Qualification Introduction

The company has obtained 236 copyrights, 32 qualifications and 37 honors.
Nanchang Tellhow Animation Industrial Park was awarded the National Cultural Industry Demonstration Base by the Ministry of Culture.
Jiangxi Tellhow Animation Co., Ltd. was among the first batch of 18 national key animation enterprises in China and Jiangxi Dika Media Co., Ltd. was among the second batch of national 16 key animation enterprises.
Dika SWAT Team (《笛卡特警队》) was awarded the National Key Animation Product, Second Prize of Excellent Domestic Original Cartoon, and First Prize of Excellent Cultural Work of Jiangxi Broadcasting Television Award.
Dragon Warrior: Astral Compass (《斗龙战士之星印罗盘》), Porcelain Doll (《瓷娃娃》), Qiumo (《求魔》), etc. were awarded the Animation Prize by Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government in 2015.
The Yellow Emperor's Canon of Internal Medicine (《黄帝内经》) was listed in the Animation Brand Establishment and Protection Program of the Ministry of Culture in 2016.
Tellhow Creative Group participated in the first Golden Cuckoo Award of the cultural industry in Jiangxi Province and was awarded the Top 10 Most Influential Cultural Enterprises in Jiangxi Province.
Blowing in the Wind (《随风而逝》) was listed in the creativity category of the Animation Support Program of the Ministry of Culture, won the Best Animated Short Film Award at the 2017 Miami International Film Festival, and was screened at the Washington Eurasia Film Festival.

Product Introduction

Virtual Reality(VR)

VR originals including Deep Sea Battle (《深海大逃杀》), Creating Beautiful Fairytales (《创想维美童话》), Forever and More Beautiful (《永远有多远》), AR Fairyland (《AR乐园》) and Love (《爱》) won the Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards in the 11th National Digital Art Design Competition.
VR works including Pavilion of Prince Teng (《滕王阁》) of VR tourism, Celadon from Hongzhou Kilns (《洪州窑青瓷》) of VR mobile museum,《临床基础VR医疗》, Gift of the Death (《死神的礼物》) of VR animation, Deep Sea Battle (《深海大逃杀》) of VR game, Radiology VR Law Enforcement Room (《放射科VR执法室》) of VR government affairs are critically acclaimed.
We have established the Nanchang Virtual Reality Institute with Ofilm Tech Co., Ltd. and other partners to support the development of the VR industry in Nanchang.
We have deeply integrated with Tellhow Animation College to gather VR professionals and talents.
Cooperate with China animation group to undertake the 2017 national art fund "art creation talent training" project.
Carry out in-depth cooperation with well-known VR enterprises such as nedejia and guangdong kangyun.

VR mobile celadon museum of Hongzhou Kiln

Virtual tour - Tengwang Pavilion

Movie and TV Cartoon

We participated in the production of the first season of Fights Break Sphere (《斗破苍穹》), a work from Tencent’s online animation collection, which has had more than 1 billion views.
The animated movie Seer Movie 5: Rise of Thunder (《赛尔号大电影5:雷神崛起》) we co-created with Shanghai Taomee ranked 8th in box office among the 2015 domestic peers.
The animated movie Dragon Warrior: Astral Compass (《斗龙战士之星印罗盘》) we co-presented with Baiyi Animation was released in the summer of 2016.
We participated in the production of the animated movie Seer Movie 6: Invincible Puni, which was released in August 2017 nationwide and recorded an impressive box office of more than RMB 100 million.
Dragon Warrior: Astral Compass (斗龙战士之星印罗盘)
Xiang’s Dairy (阿香日记)
Chinese Character Wisecube (汉字智立方)
Fights Break Sphere (斗破苍穹)

Digital Media

Travel with Parents (《带着爸妈去旅行》) was honored The Most Influential Brand Program of Satellite Channels of the Year of 2016.
We have created several influential brands in the showbiz market including Jiangxi Tourism & Music Festival and A-Mei Concert.
We have conducted Internet entertainment business and explored marketing opportunities for TV programs through operating public WeChat accounts.
We have enhanced cooperation with Internet broadcasting platforms to create more original IPs by taking Travel with Parents 3 (《带着爸妈去旅行3》) as an opportunity.
2015 Jiangxi Tourism & Music Festival
2015 A-Mei Concert
2013 Nanchang Wo Anime Music Festival
2012 A-Mei Concert

Animation and Game

Brand philosophy:
TOPBRIGHT is a European design puzzle toy brand, adhering to the mission of "lighting up children's talent", bringing together design and research teams from many European countries, integrating the product development concepts of nature, science and technology and education, and committed to providing environmental protection, safety and puzzle toys for children aged 0-6 years worldwide.

Brand strength:
Since its establishment in 1989, TOPBRIGHT has been trusted and loved by parents all over the world. Its products are sold well in 30 countries and regions including Germany, the United States, Canada, Australia and China. Disney, wal-mart and other internationally renowned toys and retail brands strategic partners.
One-dimensional project
Haihun mirror IP

Animation Derivatives

What we think:
Topbright has shouldered its responsibility since day one of its inception to spread happiness and best wishes around the world. We would like to nurture children’s interest in exploring the world with parents across the globe through educational toys, allowing them to know themselves and explore the world while playing and experience the joy of growing up! Therefore, we want to encourage children to release their nature, discover their unique talent, interest and dream, and have a happy childhood. What Topbright and parents all over the world need to do is to spend time with the children in patience!

What we do:
In order to create more educational and fun toys for children, we have hired R&D and design teams from Germany, Finland and other European countries, to oversee the research and development of toys. We also continue to skillfully integrate advanced technologies such as electronics, AR and Internet, and combine nature, technology and education into products in a better way. As part of our principle, Topbright will not design toys at the expense of children’s imagination and interest and make them learn seemingly useful knowledge or skills fast just to meet the demand of traditional educational toy market. We would rather parents have more patience and even go through a bit more trouble to accompany their children than cater to the traditional toy market by making toys such tools that can make children leave their parents alone.
Backed by the Group and based on the production bases covering nearly 300,000 square meters in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai, Topbright adopts the German standard, heavily uses log, environment-friendly plastics, fabrics and other natural materials, and strictly monitors every quality control process of toy production from raw materials to final products. We have obtained seven safety test certifications including GSV, BSCI, ICTI, EN71 and ASTM, reassuring every family choosing Topbright products.
Four-track glider
A toy to catch insects
An elephant tetrahedron
Litao Nightingale (李桃夜莺)
Ji Fang (季方)
Miaojing Master (妙境大师)

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Platform

Located in the national-level Nanchang Xiaolan Economic and Technological Development Zone, Tellhow VR Industry Base is a VR industrial cluster integrating industry, education, research and other functions led by Tellhow Creative Technology Group and co-created with renowned domestic enterprises including Tsinghua Tongfang. Focusing on the VR industry, the Base will vigorously introduce world-class VR equipment manufacturers and content creators, promote the implementation of advanced VR technologies and key projects on technology industrialization, construct the best-in-class VR industrial ecosystem in China, and drive the in-depth development of the VR industry in Nanchang.
The project consists of three functional areas including the VR industry area, the VR talent cultivation and education area (Tellhow Animation College) and the VR talent high-end supporting service area, among which the VR industry area is dedicated to creating a VR Industrial R&D and Design Center, Equipment Manufacturing Center, Content Production Center and Industrial Incubation Center, etc. Once completed, it will be home to 30-50 renowned VR enterprises including Microsoft, Tencent, Huawei, Oculus and HTC, as well as more than 1,000 VR professionals, thus creating an industrial agglomerate effect.
Aerial view of the Mingde College of Guizhou University
Nanchang International Animation Industrial Park
Hangzhou Cultural and Creative Center